Our Food

Our Food

We started with research from food scientists to create meals that are nutritionally rich. Made with U.S. sourced ingredients, our meals are full of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins that are easily digestible - perfect for a malnourished body and mind.

Each meal consists of all nine essential amino acids for complete nutrition. That is something that can't be said for rice or beans alone. We know the needs of malnourished people, and we designed our meals to be the most complete nutrition available in a package that can be prepared with just boiling water. These meals will store for a long time so that they can be ready when they're needed most.

Local Meals

Harvest Pack listened when food shelves said they urgently need nutritious breakfasts, and we formulated the most nutrient-rich oatmeal out there. We also offer our popular rice and beans dinner; a healthy side, or a meal in and of itself.
Both meals provide all daily essential vitamins and minerals, are soy and GMO-free, flavorful, and come in easily recognizable pouches with cooking tips.

Harvest Pack partners with many local organizations to donate our meals to their food shelves and pantries. These organizations include Community Emergency Services in Minneapolis, The Dorothy Day Center in Saint Paul, and VEAP (Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People) in Bloomington.

International Meals

Each international meal is six servings of vitamin-packed, protein-richness that can be prepared with boiling water, and mixed to taste with local spices. The rice ingredient is the most recognized food in the world. Our packs are vegan and are appropriate for use in any culture.

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